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At the core of every being, is the urge to help our fellow man. At R.E.S.T., we strive to steward this principle both professional and passionately. That is why we decided to reach out to those who need help the most: our youth. Youth homelessness is a pandemic in western society. In Toronto alone, there are at least 10,000 homeless youth a year, and a staggering 2,000 on any given night, 40 per cent of that figure do not survive. Our organization seeks to address these figures head on. R.E.S.T. is a non-profit organization, created to serve homeless youth in the Toronto area. Our target beneficiaries are youth transitioning from foster care. Bridging the gap between foster care and independ

Three Reasons Why You Should Become a Sponsor with R.E.S.T.

1. Sponsorship donations directly benefits the homeless youth. R.E.S.T. provides all sponsorship dollars directly to the sponsored homeless youth. 2. Homeless Youth sponsorship benefits the whole community. Your sponsorship dollars help a homeless youth in becoming a positive and contributing member of society. 3. Sponsorship benefits YOU! Help a homeless youth gets a homeless youth on their feet. This act can be very rewarding as it has a very significant impact on a homeless youth’s life. #donate #sponsor #homelessness #youth

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