• Dagma Koyi

Christmas Cheer Campaign 2021

A gift means something different to everyone, but to the youth we serve at REST, a gift during the holidays can mean the world. Our Christmas Cheer Campaign 2021 was a huge success, with nearly $3,000 raised to help at-risk and homeless youth this Christmas season. A sincere thank you to all of our staff, volunteers, partners, funders, and food sponsors. We are grateful for your support and could not have achieved our goal without each and every one of you!

In the Peel Region, there are many youths that do not have a family to spend the holidays with, have never received a gift before, and feel lonely and distressed during the holiday season. The goal of our Christmas Cheer Campaign is to spread cheer and joy to our youth. And we did just that as the youth all had gleaming smiles on their faces as they opened their presents, spent time with community members and felt joyous. The impact of our Christmas Cheer Campaign was significant on those who are less fortunate.

This year, REST Centres was provided with many incredible donations from various partners and funders that supplied our youth with necessities and wants. Observably, Care kits provided 120 sanitary packets, Project Food Chain contributed a large amount of yummy nature bars, Elevation GTA gave a noteworthy financial gift of $5,000, Keltech TPM gifted us with 3 brand new laptops, Jays Care Foundation gave us warm winter jackets, Peel Region Police transported our youth from various locations across Peel to attend our event, and our various food sponsors prepared incredible food! These donations were given to our youth so that they could have a comfortable and content Christmas.

REST Centres would like to express its gratitude to all of its staff and volunteers for their contributions and support. We admire and recognize the fact that you dedicate your time to support at risk-youth. There is no kinder action than supporting individuals who are less fortunate. Every individual that assisted us this Christmas is a fantastic role model who lifts the spirits of countless young people. Keep up the great work!

To our partners, funders, and food sponsors, thank you for your generous gifts to REST Centres. We are grateful to have your help. This year, we were able to achieve providing our youth with many gifts that supported their basic livelihood, future aspirations, and happiness. Through your donations we have been able to accomplish spreading Christmas cheer and joy and continue working towards supporting BIPOC youth to feel safe and secure. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely appreciative!

We could not have accomplished this without you! Thank you all and we hope to have your support in the years to come!

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