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Thank You Penny Appeal Canada for Your Support

Housing expenses have risen dramatically in Canada, disproportionately impacting the country's youngest and poorest residents who are already financially vulnerable. Access to affordable housing in Canada is not a homogenous issue for young adults, and it predominantly affects racialized and disadvantaged populations as part of a global crisis.

Youth already have daily struggles such as fitting in at school, body image, family conflict, mental health, etc., coupled

with not having a place to go home is very detrimental and compounds on the challenges that they already face. With the alarming high rises of housing cost in the Greater Toronto Area, we are afraid that many more youth will slip into this harmful state of homelessness.

At R.E.S.T., our mission is to strategically invest in homeless youth through intervention targeted at addressing their vulnerabilities. We aim to launch them on a positive path towards independence and self-sufficiency to become contributing members of society.

Many of the youth we serve face a number of barriers to securing housing; unaffordability being one of the most critical. Through our Bridge of Hope program, we find youth safe living spaces within the community with compassionate landlords. After they are housed, R.E.S.T. remains in contact with both the landlord and the youth to guarantee a successful tenancy.

Housing is a fundamental human right as well as a key determinant of mental health. As we approach the winter months, at R.E.S.T., we are aware that our quick response to helping youth access housing in the community becomes more critical. Let’s face it, no one wants to be without a warm home in the winter. In a recent news article by Global News, a 40-year-old homeless man, Wayne, shares his experience during the harsh weather. He states that he often ponders where he should sleep – “in an underground parking lot, a stairway building?” Additionally, he elucidates “Your feet get frozen, and you stand there in fear if you’re going to die of frostbite and succumb to the cold. It’s scary (Vella, 2019).”

We do not want our youth to experience these hardships and struggles in their important developmental years.

With the participation of Penny Appeal Canada, R.E.S.T has acquired the funds to support 30 youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness with $250 monthly for 6 months in direct support of paying for rental accommodation plus basic supplies such as blankets for their new homes. By supplementing some of their rental cost, youth will be able to acquire and maintain their accommodation during the winter. Thank You Penny Appeal Canada for standing with us in the fight against youth homelessness in Peel.

For more ways that you can help us support youth this winter please call 905-863-1118 or send us an email at

Vella, E. (2019, January 11). 'it's a horrible life out there': How frigid temperatures are impacting Toronto's homeless - Toronto. Global News. Retrieved October 14, 2021, from

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