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Meet Clarence Wallace: Our Board Chair

"Positively influencing the life of one, impacting so many." This is the quote that Clarence Wallace lives by each day.

As our Board Chair at Restoration and Empowerment for Social Transition (REST) Centres, Clarence inspires our members, volunteers, and youth. His role entails promoting REST’s agenda and mission, while coordinating the board members and its governance. Starting at REST in early 2020, he applauds the organization’s efforts to help an underserved group by other organizations. Clarence is loving every minute of his experience and thinks that people shouldn’t wait until someone’s situation gets dire to help them, and instead focus on preventative services. This will help keep people housed, employed and safe. In the future, he envisions the organization building strong community recognition and a long list of donors, which he hopes he can help REST Centres achieve.

At REST, Clarence always encourages the youth to follow their dreams, no matter how difficult it gets. He is a strong individual with a tremendous amount of perseverance, so much so that he was willing to pursue post-secondary education at the age of 46. He even had his son join him in his second year and his daughter in his last year. As someone who has a passion for health and safety, he just got his degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Clarence was not only the eldest in his program, but he was also valedictorian! He is truly an inspiration to all of our youth that it’s never too late to live out your dream. Now he is self-employed as a health and safety trainer and has partnered with Red Cross for CPR training. In the past, he has trained at well-known institutions such as TTC, Sheridan College, and Durham college. He has even written the construction site safety program at Durham College and was a part of their new pilot program for construction training and placement.

Don’t think his battle was simple. Starting over again is tough, especially when you have kids and a house to support, which is why he turned to wellness and living peacefully to get through the tough challenges that life gave him. If the word zen was a person, it would be Clarence! He mentions that he does not want his health to be a “burden to himself or others”. He believes in taking care of your body and reducing any unnecessary stress through exercise, meditation, and eating right. He even grows his own produce in the summer. You wouldn’t believe his age if you met him! He also loves listening to music from gospel to jazz, he has no preference as long as it’s good music. On top of all that, he enjoys writing and hopes to finish his motivational book, which takes a unique approach with an interesting metaphor.

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