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Meet Dagma Koyi: Our Executive Director

Meet Dagma Koyi. She is R.E.S.T Centres’ powerhouse and Executive Director. Definitely a visionary who has an unconditional love and passion for people. She has an overwhelming desire to see all people live enriched and thriving lives.

In 2015, she founded R.E.S.T. Centre (Restoration and Empowerment for Social Transition). R.E.S.T. Centre emerged out of a desire for a holistic approach to youth development and enrichment initiatives for street-involved youth. R.E.S.T’s mission is to strategically invest in homeless youth, to prepare them to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through structured interventions; targeting their vulnerabilities and to transition them on a path towards independence, self-sufficiency and civic engagement.

As a humanitarian, Dagma is imbibed with a passion to alleviate the living condition of under-served youth. Her years as a counsellor to homeless youth in the City of Toronto gave her insight into the challenges of a street-involved life. Her primary objective is to advocate for increased funding and resources that further youth’s social, emotional, cognitive, financial, and physical development, so that greater numbers of homeless youth are gainfully employed and have access to adequate housing. Dagma believes in being the change you want to see in the world, she says ”If we all purpose to live the world better than when we came, our world will be a better place.”. This motto has led to the development of more than just the REST centres.

In 2019, Dagma gathered a working group to discuss the challenges faced by single parents and low-income families in the black community across the GTA, as well as brainstorm solutions. The inaugural meeting led to the formation of the Black Family Advisory Bureau (BFAB), which she co-founded. BFAB is a socio-economic mobile application that acts as an access portal for black families. It helps them to successfully navigate various systems In Ontario, empowering them with the knowledge and resources to improve their economic and social well-being. The app is set to debut in fall of 2021.

Dagma’s passion goes beyond just the practical needs of people. As an ordained minister of the Christian faith, her mission is to also empower individuals to grow in their spiritual faith-walk, by teaching the Word of God and with prayer. In addition to her many philanthropic works, she is also the founder of Heart-2-Heart Ministry, an empowerment program that equips women to live out their faith audaciously. Also, an author of a new book called “I AM prayer affirmation Journal: a devotional journal to help women develop greater self confidence and self esteem”.

As a visionary, Dagma fulfills her mission by constantly thinking of how to create holistic and impactful changes for humanity. She is married to her loving husband Olubusola Koyi. Together they are the proud parents of twins, Mishael and Rhema.

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