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Vote Housing: Support the fight against homelessness

Here at R.E.S.T. Centre, we always stood with causes we believed in to aid in the fight against homelessness, not only through our various programs built to help with youth homelessness but give our support to those looking to send a message that the methods of how the homeless are treated are not good enough.

That is why when videos such as this one are shared on social media, we will look to support any cause that stands up against the brutal, unfair treatment of the less fortunate.

Violent enforcement is not and never will be the answer to ending homelessness and while our organization and other organizations similar to ours are working tirelessly to provide safe, affordable housing to those who need it, there’s still work that needs to be done from all of us.

We cannot and will not accept this as the solution to homelessness and we want our message heard to everyone that needs to hear it because we are fully supportive of the Vote Housing campaign that looks to help keep our political parties and candidates running for election that the standards for housing need to be improved and we need more aid in ending homelessness.

There are over a million Canadians that have experienced some form of homelessness and over another million Canadians households in need of core housing stability. The rise of homelessness and unaffordable housing has been more prominent and it is up to us as a collective to hold those in power accountable in helping to fight it.

Attacking the homeless, who have nowhere else to go, is no answer. Through upholding the dignity of each and every person going through homelessness and laying the foundation of getting housing, employment, education and health, we at R.E.S.T. have seen the improvement of youth lives and we urge everyone able to provide help to not let their voices be unheard.

Together we can bring a loud enough wave to help bring better policies and more attention to ending homelessness once and for all. Visit to help support the fight against homelessness in Canada.

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