Transitional Housing

It’s About How You R.E.S.T.!

We understand that finding stable, affordable housing and independent living can be a major obstacle for youth. Therefore, we provide help and support to youth leaving the care system. R.E.S.T. can in some cases provide a rent subsidy to  youths involved in the program. This will allow for access to safe and affordable housing for homeless youth whose income may not be reliable.

Bridge of Hope Program

R.E.S.T. and the community invest in YOUR future

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The Bridge of Hope program is as a partnership between R.E.S.T. and community members in the provision of housing solutions for youth who would like to live independently in the community but still want to feel a sense of belonging by residing in a home setting with people who are invested in their future. This is accomplished by having a community member as the “Landlord” who is considered the “Bridge Builder”. The Bridge Builder provides a room within their home. The “Bridge Builder” in partnership with R.E.S.T. will also provide some transitional support to youth, such as life skills training.

Application for Bridge Builder

Support Services

R.E.S.T. provides support services that address the needs of homeless youth

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R.E.S.T. will provide a variety of support services to help with the transitional stage for youth through the provision of counselling, mental health and addictions treatment. The problems that homeless youth face transcends beyond a lack of housing. R.E.S.T. has an established mechanism that seeks to effectively provide services that address the holistic needs of homeless youth.

Family Reunification

R.E.S.T. provides a safe space for family counseling and mediation

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Youth who have left home may have done so for various reasons, such as physical, psychological or sexual abuse, which make returning to their family a challenge, and under certain circumstances unsafe. R.E.S.T. understands that the family remains a pivot for youth development and growth. Therefore, R.E.S.T. provides a safe space where the family can come and meet with youth in a positive counselling environment. R.E.S.T. utilizes a variety of important strategies, such as client and strength-based family counselling and mediation.

Educational Services

R.E.S.T. provides counselling to assist you with your educational needs

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Support for Basic Education 

Many homeless youth have not been able to complete their basic education. R.E.S.T. provides educational counselling services to assist with youth who require assistance around obtaining basic education. R.E.S.T. will also work with its community partners to support youth in returning to school.

Internship Opportunities

R.E.S.T. will engage and partner with organizations to create opportunities that will allow youth to be enrolled in practicum or apprenticeship programs. This is aimed at letting the youth gain practical skills and work experience that will be required for employment after going through the program.

Youth and Academic Mentors

​R.E.S.T. will provide academic mentors who will provide long-term support and guidance to the youth. While in school, mentees are offered the opportunity to seek confidential advice. R.E.S.T. continuously promotes and monitors all mentors to ensure the highest quality of services being provided.